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7 Dimensions is an international recruitment specialist based in South Africa. Our focus is on recruitment solutions for U.A.E and Middle East based companies requiring assistance with their staffing needs.

Whether you are seeking one candidate or one hundred, we are your one-stop international recruitment partner.

If you would like to find out more about the services we can provide to your business, please visit What We Do.

For Applicants who would like to discover more about the possibilities of working overseas, we have a page full of information for you here, and you can find answers to the questions we are asked the most on our Frequently Asked Questions page.


We worked together with 7 Dimensions for the opening of our new hotel in Dubai. We conducted a recruitment trip to South Africa (Cape Town and Durban)…the communication and preparation prior to the trip was handled very professionally and flexible, resulting in a smooth and well organised recruitment process during the trip. It was a pleasure working with Ellie, and the colleagues which we recruited were very helpful for the successful opening of our new hotel.

Associate Director of Human Capital, Dubai, UAE

7 Dimensions Recruitment has provided an exceptional service…in terms of the recruitment process. I would highly recommend Ellie Zwanepoel for any recruitment needs due to her professionalism and dedication.

Operations Manager, Dubai, UAE

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