6 essential grooming tips…

Essential grooming tips

Grooming is an essential part of a hospitality professional’s daily life. Every member of staff is a direct reflection of their company, regardless of the industry, but in the hotel and restaurant industry it is even more integral to the running of a successful business. Here are a few key points to remember to ensure you, as an employee, are always well groomed and presentable.

#1 Hygiene: Always ensure that you are clean. Simple enough, right? Nothing is more off-putting for a guest than body odour! Always arrive at work freshly showered and try to carry a deodorant/body-spray/perfume with you whenever you can so you can easily freshen up.

#2 Nails: Hands are very important. Everyone notices the condition of another persons’ hands whether they will admit it or not. For ladies, it’s always nice to have elegant manicured hands (although pay attention to company rules and regulations as they may have a list of approved nail colours etc!) and gents, clean and neatly trimmed nails are essential.

#3 Hair: Keep it clean and tidy. The ‘just got out of bed look’ is not going to work this time. Ladies, let’s include eyebrows in this…make sure they are neat and plucked. If you’re already in Dubai, take advantage of the wonderful ladies at the NStyle bars across the city. They are the masters of eyebrow threading! For the men, unless you have a grown-in beard or moustache that you maintain and keep neat, try and opt for the clean shaven look or follow the guidelines as outlined by your supervisor/manager.

#4 Uniform: In most roles within the hospitality industry you will be provided with a uniform and laundry facilities. Make use of them and always ensure you are ready for your shift. Shoes are included in this, so make sure they are clean and polished at all times.

#5 Make-up: Ladies, your make up should be clean and fresh and used to enhance your natural features. Don’t pile it on as thick as possible as you will be a melted mess in a matter of hours, especially in the scorching UAE summer. Keep tones neutral and flattering unless otherwise instructed by the employer (for example, female staff may be encouraged to wear a red lip, such as with Emirates Airlines). The workplace is not the time to try out the latest make-up trend…save that for your weekend or off days.

#6 Manners, Behavior and Profanity: Ok, so this may not be directly related to personal grooming and presentation, but it needs attention. You never know when a member of management or a guest is just around the corner. Don’t let your standards slip just because you are on a break with your workmates.

These pointers can also be applied if you are participating in a bulk recruitment session. Your interviewer and potential new employer will be paying a lot of attention to how people present themselves at the interview. You might sail through the group assessments and have a the winning attitude that they are looking for, but if you didn’t bother to take pride in your appearance then it may count against you.