At 7 Dimensions Recruitment, we pride ourselves on providing a professional, personal and informative experience to all our applicants. With both Managing Partners having lived, worked and recruited within the UAE for more than 8 years, we can offer a realistic and knowledgeable account of life in the Emirates.

Should you apply for any of our vacant positions, you can typically experience the following*:

  • Contact from us within in 72 hours of your application if you are considered to be suitable and meet the client’s requirements
  • Scheduling of an initial screening interview either locally in Cape Town, or over Skype
  • Feedback from the screening interview within 48 hours
  • If shortlisted for submission to the client, we will provide detailed information of the available role and the documents required to proceed further with your application:
    • Full length, smart profile picture
    • Passport copy
    • 2 written reference letters from previous/current employers
  • Client Interview:
    • Either via Skype for individual vacancies if your CV is selected by the relevant HR department
    • Or direct with company delegates as part of a bulk recruitment trip in South Africa.
  • Full follow up on additional interviews until the receipt of either an offer letter or notice of regret is received from the client
  • Request to provide certain medical test results at the client’s discretion
  • NO FEES! 7 Dimensions Recruitment does not charge any fee to applicants at any stage of the process.

*please note this is an example and may differ slightly from client to client.

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