Bulk recruitment sessions…


Bulk recruitment sessions

Here at 7 Dimensions, we deal with bulk recruitment sessions between two and three times a year. For us, it’s quite exhilarating, but for candidates it can be an intimidating and daunting experience. In some cases, individuals who performed exceptionally well in their one-to-one screening interview, fade away when confronted with a group interview session and the assessment challenges that they are faced with. Equally, the reverse is true. Some people just do better in groups. They feed off the energy of others and come alive during the group sessions.

With a few pointers, you can give yourself a winning chance of being selected during a bulk recruitment session.

Energy: Energy, vibe, or ‘gees’ as we say here in South Africa, is vital to the success of a bulk recruitment session for all involved, whether it’s us as an agency, the client, or the applicant. We do our best to get things going on a positive note while people are arriving and waiting for the session to start, but in the end, it’s the ability of the applicants to mingle, chat, interact and bond with each other that really makes for a successful day.

Positivity: You’ve surely heard the saying “positive mind, positive life” or similar? Well, positive minds and positive vibes definitely lead to positive results! We’ve seen it first hand. For the introverts among us, all insecurities need to be sidelined for an hour or two. Be brave! Introduce yourself to your fellow applicants, get to know each other and lean on one another for support.

Presentability: For candidates about to meet their potential new employer, a good first impression is essential. If the bulk recruitment session is being held during the summer and you have a long, hot journey to get to the venue, make sure you bring a change of clothes or at least some deodorant. Attire should be smart but don’t stress if you don’t own a full suit, you will fair just as well in a neat pair of trousers, a clean pressed shirt and a tie. Clean shoes are also a must and if you have any facial piercings it’s a good idea to remove them before the session.

Be yourself: Aside from maybe having to come out of your shell a bit more as mentioned above, it’s important to be yourself. Relax, have faith in who you are. We wouldn’t have selected you after the screening interview if we didn’t think you had what it took to succeed. Don’t fake it to make it!

Do your research: Take the time to research who you are meeting. Get to know the company conducting the bulk recruitment session. If it’s a hotel you are interviewing for, get to know the outlets of the hotel. Maybe you see yourself working for one outlet in particular? If so, research it, because there’s a good chance you will have a one-to-one at the end of the group assessments and you’ll make a great impression if you talk knowledgeably and passionately about your potential future work place.

Ask questions: At most bulk recruitment sessions, you will first receive a presentation on the company doing the hiring, and then be given the chance to ask questions. Do it! Don’t stay quiet because you think your question is silly or not important. You are potentially moving to a new company in a new country and the best way to make it a success is to be as informed as possible.

Keep these things in mind and you’re in with a strong chance of being a successful bulk recruitment candidate!

Good luck!