Lifeguard recruitment services…what’s involved?

Lifeguard sign illustrating our lifeguard recruitment services

One of the specialist services that we provide to our international clients is recruitment for Lifeguards. South Africa is surrounded by 2,500 kilometers of coastline and is therefore a prime location for Lifeguard recruitment.

Having a good working relationship with Lifesaving South Africa allows us to provide only the best candidates to our clients. Our main sourcing areas are Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth due to them being the largest coastal cities with many public beaches.

As part of the application process, we conduct screening interviews and video recorded swim tests of each candidate which are then made available to the client for selection and a subsequent Skype interview.

As most of our candidates are either qualified Lifeguards or very strong swimmers, a 200 meter freestyle swim test is conducted. For those unqualified candidates we may also request that they tread water for 2 minutes with their hands in the air (full training is given in Dubai). Additional tests can be carried out at the client’s request.

From a client perspective, this facilitates the hiring of only the best Lifeguards for their company and for candidates, it is a wonderful opportunity for youngsters (minimum age requirement is 18) in the lifeguarding, lifesaving and swimming communities to experience living and working abroad.

At present, all lifeguarding placements provide accommodation, meals, uniforms, transport, medical insurance and flight allowance every two years. All joining flights and visa costs are covered by the hiring company.

To apply for Lifeguard vacancies, please visit our current vacancies page, or contact us today to see how we can assist you with your next intake of Lifeguards for your company.